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Winner Scara Green type Rotating Palletizer

Europack - Winner Scara Green type Rotating Palletizer

The WINNER SCARA GREEN type machine, palletises packed products. Its range of products varies from boxes to wrapped packages, cans, cases and bags. The machine is characterised by its very small dimensions.

  • The WINNER GREEN robot revolutionizes the world of palletising with an innovative system which, instead of dispersing the kinetic energy in the form of heat during braking, it allows a recovery in the form of electric power, spendable again for the power supply of its electrical devices.

  • The controlling and recovery of energy costs system called K.E.R.S. (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) applied in response to a design technological evolution, allows an important “energy reduction for each palletising cycle”.

  • Painted metal frame.

  • Basament with toothed fifth wheel and coaxial reduction gear.

  • Vertical column with prasmatic guide for the sliding of the arm.

  • Main arm with suitable articulation where is fitted the gearmotor for the rotation of the secondary arm.

  • Secondary arm fitted on the main one and predisposed for the fixing of the head to pick up the product.

  • Product picking-up head rotating 360° on its axis.

  • Polyamide bellows to protect the vertical sliding guides.

  • Production lines served 1÷2 (with different product sizes simultaneously also).

  • Palletising pallet 1÷2.

  • Number of servocontrolled axes 4.

  • With SCARA WINNER 800 GREEN capacity of 660 ÷ 720 cycles/hour.

  • The maximum capacity of the robot is referred to continuous production, excluding dead times coming from the eventual stop of the robot during working phases.

  • SEW EURODRIVE high efficiency brushless gearmotors and inverter.

Technical Features

Winner Scara Green 800
Capacity (cycle/hour) 660/720
Handling packages/cycle 1 - 4
Max load Kg. 50
Drives Brushless
Absorbed power 6 Kw
Controlled axes 4
Served lines 1 - 2
Served pallets 1 - 2

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