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Robotic Palletiser Winner K

Europack - Robotic Palletiser Winner K

  • Winner K is the natural evolution of the robotic palletisers in the Winner series, with the major difference that production performance substantially doubles.

  • Winner K retains the main features of the robotized palletiser such as flexibility in creating and modifying the palletising schemes and the superimposition of sewn bags.

  • The layer formed is compacted by lateral pressers.

  • The bag is taken upward by means of inclined conveyor belts, it is equalized by means of a device with opposed belts and finally it is individualized so that it can be gripped by the robot.

  • The bag is gripped by means of a fork pick-up head which is already consolidated and tested over time.

  • The gripped bag is conveyed to a guillotine table and deposited.

  • When the layer has been completed, the products are compacted and released on the mobile platform.

  • The platform descends, recompacts and deposits the layer of products directly on the pallet standing by on the roller conveyor.

  • The machine can be equipped with a set of accessory devices such as an adjustable, automatic pallet dis penser, film placing on the empty pallet, cardboard and/or plastic interlayer between the layers of products, an automatic wrapping machine and so on.

  • Winner K può can also work on two opposed lines to permit the optimization of space and high output.

  • Patent pending The machine is covered by patent because of some of the features and innovations installed.

Technical features

  • Production lines served: 1÷2 (also with different product formats simultaneously).
  • Pallets being palletised: 1÷2..
  • Number of servo-controlled axes: 4..
  • AC gearmotors and inverters.
  • Potential of 1000-1200 cycles/hour.