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Europack - Hardware & Software

  • “WINNER CONTROL EP15” Robot Unit Control and installation managing, with palletising innovative functions.

  • Compact and versatile equipment and operator interface made of suitable colours operating panel type 7” “Touch WideScreen.

  • Free managing of palletising schemes, which can be customized by the customer.

  • Backup and Restore to guarantee all data filling of the control unit.

  • Managing of 2 password levels to safe managing parameters functions.

  • Dinamic customized managing of the robot: the operator can change the speeds increases/decreases of the robot in different application.

  • Automatic adjustment of the robot speed: based on production cadence, the robot can self-regulate its speed movement: > global reduction of energy consumption and less stress of the robot.

  • Operating suspension: if the robot doesn’t have product to palletise, functions of operating stop (standby of 30”) are activated: > global reduction of energy consumption.

  • Assistance for maintenance: robot maintenance activities appear at regular intervals, depending on made cycles, directly on the display.

  • Production report: visualization on operator panel of a daily production report specific for each palletising program and for each production line: > visualize the number of pallet and the number of cycles daily executed by the robot.

  • Ethernet Interface: Ethernet communication port available for the customer.

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