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Master type Cartesian Palletizer

Europack - Master type Cartesian Palletizer

The MASTER type robot palletises packed products. Its range of products varies from boxes to wrapped packages, cans, cases, bags and spools.

  • The machine is characterised by its capacity to work with more pallets at the same time.

  • The Master automatic cartesian palletisers have 2 or 3+1 linear axes, servo controlled by numerical control with asynchronous and/or vectorial inverters or brushless, with high quality adaptors.

  • They are able to work on more lines simultaneously with single or multiple picking up head, in order to guarantee the required capacity and satisfy many lay-out needs. Furthermore every type of robot can be supplied with an interlayer and/or pallet picking up device installed on the picking up head.

  • The managing of the palletisation schemes, by the operative panel, is simple and quick; the working-programs can be easily made and modified by the operator. Each registered program can be recalled by the operator.

  • On request, the total line management can be made by P.C. making the palletising very effective and flexible.

Technical Features

Master 250 Master 300 Master 400
Capacity (cycle/hour) 240/300 300/360 360/420
Handling packages/cycle 1 - 4 1 - 4 1 - 4
Max load Kg. 100 30 30
Drives inverter inverter brushless
Absorbed power 3 Kw 3 Kw 4 Kw
Controlled axes 2 3 + 1 3 + 1
Served lines 1 or more lines 1 or more lines 1 or more lines
Served pallets 1 or more pallets 1 or more pallets 1 or more pallets

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